Product Information

We offer a number of vinyl, film, laminate and promotional print solutions. We have the expertise and product knowledge fulfill the most challenging environmental art and graphic projects. Our capabilities include large format roll-to-roll printing, UV flatbed printing, CNC and vinyl plotting services.

For pricing and additional information please contact us: 858.256.0052 or info -at- impactvisualarts -dot- com

Vinyls & Films Affilitates
Impact Visual Arts Vinyls & Films

Adhesive Vinyls

  • Perminant Vinyl + UV Film Laminate (Matte, Luster or Gloss)
  • Removable Vinyl + UV Film Laminate (Matte, Luster or Gloss)
  • Air Release Vinyl + UV Film Laminate (Matte, Luster or Gloss)
  • Perminant Transparent Vinyl (Gloss)
  • Perminant Translucent Vinyl (Matte)

UV Laminates

  • 2mil UV Film Laminate (Matte, Luster or Gloss)
  • 3mil UV Acid-Free Film Laminate (Matte, Luster or Gloss)
  • 5mil Textured Film Laminate (Satin)
  • 5mil Polycarbonate Film Laminate (Satin)
  • 2mil Dry Erase Film Laminate (Gloss)
  • ClearStar Liquid Laminate (Matte, Satin or Gloss)

Promo Media

  • 10mil Poster Paper (Satin)
  • 10mil Endura Wet Strength Paper (Matte)
  • 8mil Polypropylene Paper (Matte)
  • 13mil Banner (Matte)
  • 18mil Block-Out Banner (Matte)
  • 10mil Mesh Banner (Matte)

Specialty Vinyls

  • 3M Clear View Optically Clear Vinyl (Gloss)
  • Arlon 8000 Ultra High-Tack Vinyl (Satin)


  • 10mil Transculent Film (Gloss)
  • 8mil Duratrans Film (Matte)
  • 10mil Anti-Curl Smooth Film (Matte)
  • 10mil Anti-Curl Translucent Film (Matte)

UV Printed Promo Media

  • Fome-Cor
  • Ultraboard & Gatorboard
  • Posterboard
  • PVC, Corroplast, Styrene & PETG
  • MDO Signboard

Contour Cut Vinyls

  • Wall & Window Graphics
  • Frosted Vinyls
  • Specialty Decals
  • Our Brands: Oracal, 3M & Arlon