Product Information

For many photographers, artists and designers, direct UV Acrylic art represents an affordable alternative to our premium Acrylic Face-Mounts without sacrificing appearance or quality. Our UV Acrylic is the ideal fit for both decor and large volume projects. Presented behind glass-like acrylic, your image has remarkable depth and color intensity. Our state-of-the-art UV-resistant, 5-color print ensures the colors are particularly intense. Combined with the protective backing and your choice of IVA’s 3/4” deep rear mounted frame or brushed stainless steel standoffs, the result is a sleek modern display. For a unique ethereal presentation we also offer transparent UV Acrylic art panels.

Technical Information

Suggested File Resolution: 150 to 300 PPI
Printer Resolution: 1440 DPI
Technology: Océ VariaDot imaging technology
UV Cured Ink: 5 Colors
Color Space: CMYK

UV Acrylic


Our standard UV Acrylic artwork includes 1/4” acrylic substrate, CNC precision cut edges, black PVC protective backer and your choice of a 3/4“ deep rear mounted frame or stainless steel standoffs. The combination provides a high-end, finish, unbelievable depth and intensified, vibrant colors.

  1. Vibrant direct UV print behind glass-like acrylic
  2. 1/4” CNC precision cut acrylic
  3. PVC Protective backer
    Acrylic available in various thicknesses and non-glare
UV Acrylic Substrate


New generation print technology has made UV direct printing an affordable alternative to mounted prints. In this state-of-the-art, 5-color printing process, we directly print your image to the underside of the acrylic using a two pass method. First we apply the CMYK layer followed by an opaque white ink layer to eliminate show through. When viewed through the crystal clear acrylic your image takes on a glass-like appearance. For a unique ethereal presentation we also offer transparent UV Acrylic art panels. This method does not have an opaque white ink layer, which allows show through in the lighter areas of the image.

OCE Cannon Company
UV Acrylic Printing


Ink Options

  1. CMYK Print + White Opaque Back
    We apply the CMYK print layer followed by a opaque white ink layer to eliminate show through of the underlaying wall. The print then receives a thin PVC backer and your choice of 3/4” deep rear mounted frame or stainless steel standoffs.
  2. CMYK Print Transparent Back
    We apply only the CMYK print layer which allows show through in the lighter areas of your image. The white areas remain clear, the medium tones become semi-transparent and the rich blacks are opaque. Transparent back acrylics hang with our stainless steel standoffs.
Products UV Acrylic White Clear


We offer two hanging options for our UV Acrylic art panels.

Rear Mounted Frame

Our inset 3/4” deep rear mounted frame floats the art off the wall giving it a weightless presentation

  1. Standard Hardware: Metal Z-Bar cleat
  2. 3/4” Deep hidden rear mount frame
  3. Optional Hardware: Security hardware
UV Acrylic Hanging


Stainless steel standoffs create a modern sleek alternative to traditional hanging hardware.

  1. Acrylic standoff hardware
  2. 1” Diameter stainless steel standoff cap
  3. 1” Length stainless steel barrel
    Security locking standoffs available
UV Acrylic Standoff Hardware


Don’t see your size? We’ll make it.
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IVA Standard Sizes

Our standard UV Acrylic sizes offer the best value and turnaround. By using standard size materials, we can precut our sheet stock, maximize yields, and quickly assemble your order when it comes in. Turnaround time is faster since we can use off-the-shelf materials that don’t need custom preparation. Standard sizing minimizes waste of materials which means we can offer our best price. Please allow for a variance of up to 1/4” from the listed size.

Standard Features

  • Vibrant 5 Color UV Print
  • 1/4” Acrylic Substrate
  • 3/4” Deep Rear Mounted Frame
  • Hanging Hardware
UV Acrylic Pricing