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Our Mounted Prints are ready-to-hang displays on your choice of Aluminum, PVC or MountCor backing. Create a clean minimalist display for your images in 3 simple steps.

Step 1  Choose Your Paper

We offer 3 high quality papers, EPSON Premium Photo, MOAB Metallic Pearl and Silver Metallic. Each print is output on our industry defined fine art printers using a 11-color UltraChrome pigment ink system ensuring the very finest detail and tonality.

Step 2  Choose Your UV Laminate

A paper-thin UV film laminate is aplied to protect against external elements in Gloss, Luster and Matte finishes.

Step 3  Choose Your Substrate & Hanging Method

Your print is permanently mounted to your choice of Aluminum, PVC or MountCor backing using an non-corrosive archival adhesive. It results in your art sitting flat, and it can be fixed to the wall using as is or with our 3/4” deep rear mounted frame.

Epson Exceed Your VisionMoabEpson UltraChrome HD

Mounted Prints

Technical Information

Suggested File Resolution: 200 to 300 PPI
Printer Resolution: 1440 x 2880 DPI
Technology: Epson UltraChrome  HDX Wide Gamut Inks
Pigment Ink: 11 Colors
Color Space: RGB or CMYK
Archival Rating: 80+ years

Step 1 Papers

We offer three high quality paper options to choose from. Each archival print is output using our EPSON Ultrachrome pigment print process. The process uses a total of eleven different inks, ensuring that even the minutest details are visible, and the colors appear freshly printed.

EPSON Premium Photo – A favorite among nature and landscape photograhers who require extreme sharpness and clarity.

MOAB Metallic Pearl – Designed with an incredible Dmax and rich color gamut, this photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth.

MOAB Silver Metallic – Ultra shiny, true metallic inkjet paper – Metallic silver adds unprecedented depth to an image featuring exceptional reflective shine never seen before. This metal-like surface produces images that jump off the paper.

Mounted Print Epson Premium Photo

Epson Premium Photo

MOAB Metallic Pearl

Moab Metallic Pearl Paper

Silver Metallic

Moab Silver Metallic

Step 2 UV Laminates

For enhanced longevity and UV protection we apply a paper thin laminate to your photo print. The transparent laminate helps protect the mounted print from dust, finger prints, light scratches and fading. It also allows you to safely wipe down your display. The laminate is available to Gloss, Luster and Matte finish.

Gloss – Hi sheen, reflective surface. Vibrant &  high color definition.
Luster – Low sheen. Colors are sharp & vivid.  Our most popular finish.
Matte – No sheen, flat finish. Colors remain vibrant & rich.

Gloss UV Laminate

Gloss UV Laminate

Luster UV Laminate

Luster UV Laminate

Matte UV Laminate

Matte UV Laminate

Step 3 Substrate & Hanging Method

Aluminum ACM

The 1/8″ (3 mm) Aluminum ACM backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 matte white aluminum sheets. A triple-layered composite material ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Ideal for a gallery-quality presentation in any format. UV Laminate film required.

Recomended Hanging Options:
3/4” Rear Mounted Frame or Velcro

Aluminum ACM


PVC is a smooth, sturdy substrate that’s an excellent choice for Mounted Print displays.  It’s dense, yet extremely lightweight, making it easy to hang on any wall.  This 1/4” material is available in white or black. UV Laminate film required.

Recomended Hanging Options:
3/4” Rear Mounted Frame or Velcro

Mounted Prints PVC

MountCor Foamboard

MountCor, foamboard is a lightweight pH neutral substrate. It’s 3/16” thickness, smooth surface and increased density make it  the perfect choice for both long term picture framing and short term display mounting applications.

Recomended Hanging Options:
Velcro, Press-In Hangers or Traditional Framing Methods

Mounted Prints Hanging


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